Dealing with the Deferment

As a perfectionist, it is hard to come to terms with a race registration deferment. We have been training for nearly a year for the Keys 100 ultra marathon. Training was going well, then life happened. Glorious, wonderful, life. We learned that Adam could defend his dissertation during this spring semester and could graduate in May 2017! What great news, and hard work, but mostly great news! However, that meant he had to spend more time writing than running. 

What people don’t tell you about the PhD process is that defending is actually the easier part of the end. Once you defend, it’s the editing and formatting and deposit process that can be super time consuming and frustrating. But he did it! We are now, humbly, house Dr. Stark or Dr./Dr.!

While he wrote, I ran. While I ran, he wrote. 

I am in great shape and ready to take on our first 100 miles race. However, we have been dreaming of the Keys 100 for the better part of a decade. We run ultras together. 

We finally came around to the difficult decision to defer our race registrations to May 2018. 

While I am excited Adam was able to finish his academic journey, it was difficult to swallow the deferment. I am highly competitive and love to accomplish goals. It took a moment or two for me to get over it – it’s not about me- and realize my goal still exists only now I have another year to become even stronger. I can alter my goal from one of completeling the Keys 100 to possibly placing! 

I share this story as I am sure I am not the only competitive spirit out there that struggles with the idea of postponing my goals. Now we get to finishe the Keys 100 as Dr. & Dr. UltraStark! What a cool way to accomplish a dream!


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