This past weekend we ran just slightly more than a 50k. It was great! The weather was near perfect! We successfully employed a few new strategies to keep us cool and going the distance! We ran together for the majority of the time which filled my quality time needing soul! It was a pretty spectacular day! 

So why does running stink?

Because it does! I literally smells aweful! 

I don’t care how clean you think you are or how much like roses you think your scent resembles, when you cross over to the running world, you become a stinker!

Shoes? Stink!

Shirt? Stinks!

Running pack? Stinks! 

Sweatbands? Stinks! 

Total truth? Underwear? Stinks! 

No matter how well you wash these things…No matter what internet proven strategy you try to squelch the smell…NOTHING gets out that scent!  

So what is one to do? 

Own it, baby! We are all a bunch of stinkers! 


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