A Few Words about Food

Food…a simple idea but yet our world has made a big deal about it.  As runners we spend time planning our routes, our gear, our hydration and even our recovery.  Unfortunately the simple food that fuels our runs can be forgotten.  Search Amazon for runners’ cookbooks and you will be presented with plenty of options.  This is before you even get into the many arguments of what to eat and not eat; paleo, vegan, fruitarianism.  I want to take the next few sentences to lay out a simple plan of when to eat.  Between family, work and school we lead busy lives in our house.  Due to growing up with low blood sugar, remembering to eat is not a big deal for me.  If I don’t eat I get grumpy and then get sick (ie vomiting).  My wife, and co-author, on the other hand forgets to eat during her day.  An optimal eating plan that works for me throughout my day:

6:45AM – Breakfast

9:00AM – Snack, usually fruit

11:30AM – Lunch

2:00PM – Snack, usually peanuts or cashews

5:30PM – Dinner

8:00PM – Late snack, if hungry

I try not to let myself ever get that “hungry” feeling.  Getting to the point of extreme hunger and then gorging never works for me.  I end up scarfing something bad for me usually as fast as I can and then regretting it soon after.

Does anyone else plan how they will “fuel-up” during the day?




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